History and Success of Uber: Things you Should Know!

The history and success of Uber stand as a model for other businesses. Uber has over 93 million monthly users in 900 cities of 70 countries.


History and Success of Uber

The history and success of Uber stand as a model for other businesses. Uber has over 93 million monthly active users in 900 cities in 70 countries. It is an American ride and delivery company. It was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California, the U.S. From 2009 and 2011, this company was famous for the name Ubercab.

Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick are their founders. This transportation-related company has emerged as the single most important service for taxi and other related services.

The founders, Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick had a dream to build a transportation service that not only is cost-effective and affordable but also offers quality-assured service. For this, they started serious work on it in 2007.

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In 2009, it was Garret Camp who founded it, and soon he was joined by his friend Travis Kalanick. That is why the former gives the whole credit to Garret Camp. They were able to make it a well-established business in a few months.

Uber Penetrates in San Francisco

In 2010, Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick hired Ryan Graves, a key figure in the history and success of Uber who became not only the first Chief Executive Officer but later also joined as a business partner.

By May 2010, this company had started providing good ride service in San Francisco. A notable point is that initially, it was not a very affordable service. As a matter of fact, it would offer black luxury cars which would often bear more cost than the other taxies.

What you should know about the history and success of Uber is that the company not only changed its name but also changed its policy. It started offering more affordable services and soon penetrated the transportation market in the United States.

The next year, the company had become so strong that it was able to launch its service in Chicago. In 2013, USA Today named it the company of the year. In 2014, it also started the food delivery service under the banner of Uber Eats.

The history and success of Uber stand as a model for other businesses. It has over 93 million monthly users in 900 cities of 70 countries
History and Success of Uber: The revenue of Uber Eats grew over 230.1% last year, which shows the success of Uber

Uber Serves in over 70 countries

A notable fact about the history and success of Uber is that by 2018, it had penetrated into the international market including Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc. In 2019, it became a public company when it offered its first IPO.

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In January 2020, it purchased the shares of Careem, another transportation company with a similar service. This is a huge success for a company that is not very old. In just over a decade, it has become famous enough to reign in over 70 countries.

What Services are Offered by Uber?

The company offers nearly all the possible transportation services. The first important service that Uber offers is taxi/car service. It gives on-demand car service right from the doorstep. One just needs to hire an Uber driver depending on your need and affordability. For example, a person can use a simple car for a simple journey to a well-equipped and well-furnished car to go to a wedding or party.

One of the unique facts about the history and success of Uber is that it offers self-driving cars with artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms. This is becoming ever more successful and important in the wake of the artificial intelligence revolution.

It also offers autonomous trucks which are often used for heavy transportation of goods such as trade imports and exports.

Further, it gives air service which includes emergency helicopters. It normally costs about $200 per passenger which is quite affordable. As earlier mentioned, it offers food delivery service as well which is becoming a talk of the town.

Why is Uber So Successful?

The success of Uber is mainly because of innovations in service. The cost-effective and quality-assured service of the company has made it the first choice of the people. The use of advanced and up-to-date innovations by Uber has brought a tremendous revolution in society. It not only made the journey a lot easier and more affordable, but the concept of transportation has also changed a lot.

Earlier, people would try to buy a car or bike of their own for locomotion. This not only was a costly decision but would also have catastrophic impacts on climate i.erns, etc. But now, people can count on Uber and even other similar services which is a landmark change. They not only get easy access to a cost-effective service, but they also are not afraid of getting their car theft.

Ebike, Uber Eats, and Uber Helicopter ride means the world will further shift from personal vehicles to public vehicles. Hence, the whole concept of the journey has changed with the coming of Uber.

Success Model of Uber: Queuing Theory

There are many different theories and models that define the success of Uber. First of all, there is Queuing Theory which is a model that seeks to examine the impacts of delays and queues for some services.

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If the line is long and tiring, the service of the company slowly but surely dies down. It looks obvious that Uber offers speedy service and the customers do not have to wait for long. It does all to speed up its service and not let customers wait.

Advanced Machinery and Uber’s Success

Secondly, the model that is based on advanced technology and knowledge always has a competitive edge over the competitors. Uber is employing the world’s advanced technology and knowledge to make its service stand out. It includes using artificial intelligence-led self-driving cars to guarantee safer and better journeys.

Ebike, Uber Eats, and Uber Helicopter also show the company’s preoccupation with advanced machinery, the linchpin of the success of Uber.

What Can Other Businesses Learn from the Success of Uber?

The history and success of Uber Uber hold lessons for other small and large businesses. Firstly, it is pertinent to note that Uber is an affordable and quality-assured service. In other words, it keeps customers above everything. Secondly, it is employing the world’s most innovative and advanced logistics including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It means in order to survive and thrive, other companies must learn to update their logistics and knowledge of the market. This looks especially pronounced and relevant in the wake of the industrial and the information technology revolution which has brought an environment of cutthroat competition.

FAQs about the History and Success of Uber

Who is the CEO of Uber?

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber since 2017. Previously, he was the CEO of Expedia and helped the company grow exponentially.

When was Uber Founded?

Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick founded the company in 2009 in San Francisco, California, the U.S. By 2011, its name was Ubercab.

What is the net worth of Uber?

In 2020, the net worth of the company was $33.252 billion.

What Services Does Uber Offer?

Uber offers taxi rides (including car, bus, and helicopter) food delivery (Uber Eats), package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation, physical money transmission, and others.

Why is Uber so Successful?

The use of advanced technology such as self-driving cars, uber helicopters, and others, quick delivery, customer-centered service, and cost-effectiveness are the key drivers of the success of Uber.

How Big is Uber?

Uber has over 93 million monthly active users in 900 metropolitan cities of 70 countries. It has around 27000 employees.

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