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How India China Border Dispute is Helping Pakistan big Times

India China border dispute may not become a full-fledged war but it is further pushing Pakistan and China closer. India is isolating itself.


India China Border Dispute: and Jingoism of Modi

India China border dispute in the wake of the Ladakh Crisis is the talk of the town. After India’s humiliating defeat, the issue of Kashmiri Muslims’ right to self-determination will be monstrously raised in the world forums.

The latest indication of alignment is they will create diplomatic facilities for Pakistan. Besides, there is hope that the issue of Kashmiri Muslims’ right to self-determination will now re-emerge in the international arena.

India has been mired in internal turmoil since the formation of the Modi government. Due to Narendra Modi’s violent religious policies, not only Indian Muslims but also other minorities are suffering from social and economic injustice and oppression. This political exigency has further made the India China border dispute more consequential.

India China Border Dispute: India’s Humiliating Defeat

Today, so-called secular India is mired in the Modi government’s religiously violent politics. It is sounding the alarm bells of severe threats to world peace through its adventures against its neighbors.

More than 20 Indian soldiers perished, and about 60 were seriously injured in the last India China border dispute. Indian press media and social media have mocked this humiliating defeat and military casualties at the hands of China. Even, the Indian opposition and common people are criticizing the Modi government.

India-China border dispute may not become a full-fledged war but it is further pushing Pakistan and China closer. India is isolating itself.
India China Border Dispute: The Kargil area of western Ladakh has often been the site of border conflicts, including a serious incident in 1999. All these conflicts are the forerunner of the Kashmir issue.

Modi being Lambasted from all Fronts

At the Indian All Parties Conference, Modi tried to cover up India’s humiliation and disgrace. His stance is that China has not occupied even an inch of India’s land. But the international press and satellite images confirm that the Chinese military occupies around 5000 square kilometers of Indian-occupied territory. Therefore, it is quite obvious that India China border dispute is going to become a hotbed of future conflict.

Credit for this video goes to Global News: A disputed boundary of 3,440 kilometers (2,100 miles) is at the root cause of the problem.

Critics are also taking a close look at the storm. The situation started when India threw the resolutions of the United Nations Organization in the trash and abolished the special status of Kashmir and Ladakh and divided them into Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir. Against this, a strong voice is being raised in Pakistan and China at the public and government levels.

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This move has been vehemently opposed at all the international forums. There too, China has emerged as a party with a strong reaction. China is also rejecting Indian moves in Ladakh and demanding their withdrawal.

China and Pakistan further Pushed Closer

India China border dispute has pushed Pakistan closer to China. for many months. It is a stubbornness of India to declare Jammu and Kashmir as its internal affair despite the resolutions of UNO. But Pakistan and China are right to call it an internationally recognized issue.

Some experts in Pakistan believe that China has strong reservations about India’s activities in the Indo-Pacific Alliance. China considers Indian activities in the region to be against its state interests. The recent India China border dispute is a clear indication of the new strategic alignment in which Pakistan’s role is crucial.

India China Border Dispute and the International Politics

In the wake of the India China border dispute, the US and its allies; India, Australia, South Korea, and Japan stand on one side. This global alliance is creating obstacles in the way of all its interests in blocking China’s access to the Street of Malacca.

On the other hand, thanks to Russia’s fresh lobbying, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and other small countries in the region are coming together with China. He sees interference in affairs and patronage of anti-state elements as a significant obstacle to peace and economic development, so he wants to end such difficulties at all costs.

The only alternative route available to China in case of a crisis is CPEC. Perhaps India China border dispute may become alarmingly serious because China will botch India’s conspiracies directed against CPEC.

India China border dispute
Princely states were a big deal in 1947. First, there were an ungodly 565 of them. Second, they comprised 40% of the Indian subcontinent. Third, about 23% of the population of this region lived in these states. Kashmir was one of the princely states.

How Pakistan is Benefiting

However, Pak-China relations have always been robust in the wake of India China border dispute. But, due to the recent tensions in Ladakh, the interests of the two countries now seem to be shifting into common interests.

And in the future, according to international observers, the relationship will be even warmer. According to defense observers, Pakistan is benefiting greatly from this situation.

Regurgitation of false and fabricated claims by India can neither change the facts nor divert attention from India’s illegal actions and continuing humanitarian crisis resulting from the perpetration of the worst human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK)

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Wang Wenbin

How Can India go Isolated?

At the diplomatic level, Pakistan, along with Bhutan, Nepal, and China, can isolate India in the region. India, along with countries with close ties to China, could be pressured at the international level to restore Kashmir’s former status immediately.

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If Narendra Modi persists in his stubbornness, the typical reaction of China and Pakistan could create severe problems for India in Kashmir. The international community also knows that the change in the constitutional status of Kashmir is increasing frustration among the occupied Kashmiri Muslims.

However, since Narendra Modi came to power, there has been a sharp rise in state repression of unarmed people in Kashmir. But unfortunately, neither the government of Pakistan nor the Muslim Brotherhood has raised its voice against the Indian measures.

They have not taken any practical steps. But after the recent confrontation between China and India, the situation seems to be changing radically.

Rising Repression of Muslim Kashmiris

Now, along with Pakistan, China is also making this demand healthily. Pakistan’s priority is to restore Kashmir’s former special status. It will lessen the frustration of Kashmiri Muslims.

So now, it is imperative to stand with China with a strong stance. As defeated, India is still on the back foot; this strong demand from China and Pakistan will increase the pressure on India. Pakistan has a fear India may launch an adventure against it.

India China Border Dispute: Less Probability of Skirmishes with Pakistan

But after the recent confrontation with China, India’s plans for a possible standoff against Pakistan seems less probable. Under these circumstances, India will no longer risk a war against Pakistan. He does not have the power to wage war on both borders.

Anyway, after the role that China has played in the world over the past few months with its “so-called superpower” hand, there will be no more adventure in India.

Therefore, the outcome of opening a bilateral front would be due to India’s habit of adventures against neighboring countries. India undertook an adventure inside the Chinese border, to which China bluntly replied that it was not occupied Kashmir. India may also be in fear that China and Pakistan may not be making any joint plan against it.

Pakistan Wants Kashmir’s Status Restored

India China border dispute poses serious security challenges to South Asia. In this situation, there is an urgent need for Pakistan and China to make vital mutual planning. They further need to increase the working relationships.

However, Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence agencies are on full alert for their national security. The military leadership knows best how to protect its national interests in the face of severe tensions between India and China.

At present, the priority of Pakistani policy should be to restore the special status of Kashmir. They can broaden the partnership process with China. A strong partnership and proactive working relationship between Pakistan and China for lasting peace in the region and independence of Kashmir is the best way out.


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