Interesting Facts about the USA: History, Ethnicity, Economy, Military (2022)

This updated article outlines interesting facts about the USA. For example, over 30,000 folks especially African Americans convert to Islam annually.

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Interesting Facts about the USA: Topographical Features

  1. According to the United States Census Bureau, 2019, the population of the US is 328.2 million (5 times the UK population).
  2. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that it has a total landmass of 9,629,047 square kilometers, the third-largest after Russia and Canada.
  3. The country has the Pacific Ocean on the Western border and the Atlantic on the east.
  4. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that Canada runs for 8890 km along with its northern border, making it the largest international border in the world. In the south is a 3155 km long border with Mexico, the 10th longest border.
  5. It is one of 23 independent countries in North America.
  6. Washington, DC (District of Columbia) is the capital city with a 0.7 million population, named after one of the founding fathers and the first president, George Washington
  7. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that Mississippi, Missouri, and Colorado are the largest rivers in the United States.

”A People’s History of the United States” (2015) by Howard Zinn, is one of the all-encompassing books on US history, it has two sky-kissing and breathtaking mountain ranges, the Rockies and Appalachian mountains.

Credit for this video goes to 101 Facts: The total U.S. debt is over $26.70 trillion in 2022

Interesting Facts about the USA: Ethnicity

  1. Besides, its ethnicity includes 60.4% White race, 13.4% African Americans, and 1.3% Native Americans (Alaska Natives).
  2. According to the Gallup Report, 2017, Protestants, with 49%, is the largest religious group in the US. The next stand Catholics, at 23%. About 21% of people don’t claim any religious identity (Atheists, Agnostics). Islam is the third largest religion in the US after Christianity and Judaism.
  3. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that roughly 3.5 million Muslims are living in the United States, about 1.1% of its population. According to the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, March 21, 2017 report, nearly 25% of Muslims are black, 24% white 18% Asians, 18% Arabs, and 5% Hispanic (no majority race). According to the U.S. Department of States, of all Muslims in the US, 34% are South Asian, 26% Arabs, and 25% African American.
  4. A CNN report claims more than 30,000 folks especially African Americans convert to Islam annually.
  5.  Jews are about 2.1% of its total population.

Interesting Facts about the USA: Flag

  1. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that its flag has 13 strips. They refer to the 13 British colonies that rebelled against Great Britain and declared independence (July 4th, 1776).
  2. It has 50 stars, representing 50 states within the United States. Star-Spangled Banner is its nickname.
  3. The current 50-star flag was adopted by Eisenhower in 1960.

Interesting Facts about the USA: Economy

  1. Further, its total GDP in 2020 is $20.1 trillion, the biggest of all.
  2. The U.S. economy will grow by 4.3% in 2021. This is a 3.7% increase from the last year. 
  3. A report from Goldman Sachs reports, China will be able to surpass the US economy by 2026-2027.
  4. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that its GDP per capita is $62,794, according to the World Bank report. GDP growth rate remained 2.3% in 2019 before the onslaught of Covid-19.
  5. In 2020, its GDP growth was around 2.5% in general. 
  6. Its Gross National Income per capita is $63,690.
  7. One of the states of the USA, California, has the fifth biggest GDP if taken as a country ($2.8 trillion), behind only Germany ($3.9 trillion), Japan ($5.5 trillion), China ($14.1 trillion), and the United States ($20.1 trillion).
  8. According to IBIS World, the Hollywood industry generates more than $30 billion ($33 billion in 2019).
  9. According to Forbes, its sports industry is worth more than $75 billion.
  10. It is 10th in global oil reservoirs and is the number 1 oil-producing country.
  11. It has the largest gold (8133 tons) and coal reservoirs in the world
  12. Of the 50 largest companies by revenue (in the world), 22 are US-based.

Top 5 Exports

  1. Machinery including computers     $206 billion
  2. Mineral Fuels                                $200 billion
  3. Electrical Equipment                     $173 billion
  4. Military equipment like aircraft      $136 billion
  5. Vehicles & Automobiles                  $133 billion

Top 5 Imports

  1. Machinery including computers      $386 billion
  2. Electrical Equipment                     $367 billion
  3. Vehicles & Automobiles                  $306 billion
  4. Mineral Fuels                                 $241 billion
  5. Pharmaceuticals                            $116 billion

Top 5 Export Destinations

  1. Canada                                         $292 billion
  2. Mexico                                          $256 billion
  3. China                                            $106 billion
  4. Japan                                            $74 billion 
  5. The United Kingdom                        $69 billion

Top 5 Import Partner   

  1. China                                             $450 billion
  2. Canada                                          $320 billion
  3. Mexico                                           $358 billion
  4. Japan                                             $143 billion
  5. Germany                                        $127.5 billion

[United States Census, Top Trading Partners-December 2019]

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Economic Constraints of USA

  • Before Trump-led economic sanctions (2018), the US had a more than $540 billion trade deficit with China. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that the deficit nosedived to $345 billion in 2019 (an 18% fall) with over 450 billion worth of imports from China and $106 billion worth of US exports to China.
  • The deficit with the European Union is about $180 billion and $102 billion with Mexico.
  • According to The U.S. Commerce Department, the overall deficit was $616 billion in 2019, 1.7% less than in 2018.
  • The inflation rate in the U.S. is 1.5% in 2020, down from 2.3 in 2019.
  • The total debt on the U.S. is over $24 trillion in 2020.

Interesting Facts about the USA: Military

  1. Moreover, the United States has more than 1.4 million active military personnel, and nearly 1 million are reserved forces. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), it spends 3.4% of GDP on the defense budget, a whopping $730 billion.
  2. The global defense spending stood at $1.91 trillion in 2019.
  3. B-21, an advanced version of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, is considered the most advanced stealth bomber ever.
  4. The United States has 11 aircraft carriers including The USS Gerald R. Ford, the world’s largest-ever aircraft carrier.
  5. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that it has more than 800 military airbases around the world.
  6. F-22 Raptors and F-35 are its 5th generation stealth fighter jets. Many think Russian SU-57 and Chinese Chengdu J-20, the fifth-generation fighting machines, are inspired if not copied from these cutting-edge fighters. Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jets are very similar to the Lockheed Martin F35 in terms of technology.

Chinese data breach of the US is one of the bones of contention between China and the USA. Keith Kellogg’s ”War by Other Means: A General in the Trump White House” (2021), a must-read for book nerds argues that both countries are on the brink of war. Snowden’s documents (2015) confirmed that this was the result of a data breach of a Lockheed Martin by Chinese hackers.

General Facts

  1. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that Senate has 100 members which means 2 senators from each state while the House of Representatives has 435 members (to be elected every two years).
  2. 7 of the top 20 universities in the world are in the United States.
  3. According to Everyday Geography of The United States (2003) by Barbara Fifer, a great book on American Geography, the iconic Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886, gifted by the French people The actual name of this great monument is Liberty Enlightening the World.

It is 305 feet (93 meters) high with a woman holding a torch in her raised right hand. It was made by Gustave Eiffel, the man who built Eiffel Tower. The island on which it stands was previously called Bedloe Island, but its name was changed in 1956 to Liberty Island.

Other Interesting Facts about the USA

Who was Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. Born on April 15, 1865, in a congested log cabin in Kentucky, Lincoln became a great, “rags to riches” tale.

Many nerve-wracking challenges, heartbreaking defeats, and upsets in life mark Lincoln’s life, yet he did not give up on his dreams and became perhaps the most respected US President. Unlike many other influential personalities in history, Abraham Lincoln was an unprivileged son.

He faced grave poverty -in his initial life in particular. He did not get bogged down with these troubles and continued performing well in his studies. Becoming a lawyer was a landmark achievement that not only gave him financial stability but also built his stature as a genuine, professional, upright, and shrewd law expert.

Due to his honesty, he was termed as “Honest Abe.” George Scarlett in his Abraham Lincoln: God’s “Instrument” says, “Honesty, self-discipline, plainness, simplicity, and compassion are among these enduring virtues.”

He also faced many family issues: the early death of his mother, the premature death of his sons, and the poor treatment of his stepmother. He entered politics by winning seats in the Illinois state legislature and then entering the US House of Representatives. Meanwhile, he emerged as a strong and visionary Republican leader that made him the President of the United States in 1860.

  • One of the interesting facts about the USA is that Abraham Lincoln emerged as a winner at a time when the socio-economic and political situation was highly turbulent. His shrewd strategy not only helped defeat 11 seceded Southern states (favoring slavery) but also preserved the union; therefore, Abraham Lincoln was able to officially ban slavery in the country.abraham lincoln g26379fb19 1280
  • Who were the Paleo-Indians?

    Paleo is a Greek word that means “Ancient” or “Old” Paleo-Americans, also known as Paleo-Indians. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that they were the first-ever inhabitants of North America in the wake of glacial meltdown in the latter part of the Pleistocene period.
    They kept on traveling from Asia to North America and vice versa about 12000 years ago. The use of fire and domestication of animals by Paleo-Indians show they had communication with Asia.

    What was the Sexual Division of Labor in US history?

    The sexual division of labor is a classification of the daily-doing task, divided between male and female characters. For example, in the past, a male would manage the affairs related to hunting while a woman would keep the house intact, saving children from wild animals and natural catastrophes.

    Who was Amerigo Vespucci?

    Born in Florence, Italy, in 1454 (the high time in Italy), Amerigo Vespucci was one of the earliest explorers and navigators to reach the American shores.
  • One of the interesting facts about the USA is that the word ”America” is derived from his name “Amerigo”. He was commissioned by Spain and Portugal during the Age of Discovery, from 1497 to 1504.

  • He made three notable voyages, but it was the 3rd voyage that proved to be successful as he landed in what today is Rio de Janeiro and Rio de la Plata. That is why many people and researchers regard him, rather than Christopher Columbus as the explorer of North America.Interesting Facts about the USA

    Who was Leif Ericsson?

    Leif Ericsson is believed to be the first European explorer and navigator to sail to the shores of North America successfully. He was a Norse from Iceland. In the early 11th century, he sailed to Greenland, which may be the first European settlement. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that he reached the shores of North America nearly four centuries before Columbus.

    Who was John Cabot?

    Born in Gaeta, Italy, John Cabot was one of the earliest explorers and navigators who reached the shores of North America. Cabot was especially Henry VII of England.
  • One of the interesting facts about the USA is that he was the first explorer to give the possibility of traveling Westward. He arrived on the shore of North America, taking it as Asia in May 1497.
  • What was the Spanish Model Of Colonization?

    The Spanish colonizers employed instead forced trade method with the help of extractive industries to loot precious metals like gold and silver. It was this thing that led them to conquer the Aztec and Inca Empires. It is estimated that that over 1.86 million Spaniards emigrated to Latin America in the period between 1492 and 1824. When they found North America, especially the United States, was a richer land than those, they started pouring into America.

    Who was Christopher Columbus?

    One of the interesting facts about the USA is that the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was the person who countered American shores in 1492. What he had planned was to find a trade route to India. An amazing fact is that when they reached the shores of the United States, Columbus, along with the other explorers, thought they had arrived in India.

    Overall, Christopher Columbus made four trips to America, first in 1492, the second one made a year later, and the third one in 1498, and lastly, in 1502. These trips were the beginning of not only the Transatlantic trade and relationship but also the start of the age of colonialism of North America.Interesting Facts about the USA

    What was the Columbian Exchange?

    Christopher Columbus made it possible for Europeans to inter-travel and exchange goods. Along with this, Columbus also brought some deadly viral and bacterial diseases. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that Columbian Exchange started the killing of the natives at the hands of diseases like malaria, cholera, smallpox, etc. Apart from the exchange of people (intercontinental travel), they also exchanged cultural goods like handicrafts, plants, birds, scientific ideas, etc. These exchanges in totality are termed as Columbian Exchange.

    What was English Population Boom?

    With the start of the renaissance, England became a considerably rich country. The exceptional economic boom led to the growth of the population. In 1530, there were nearly 3 million people that became 4 million by 1600. After the Black Death, when the population was in the thousands, it was a big boom in the population. Generally, the time from 1500 to 1800 is related to the population explosion or boom in Great Britain.

    What was Roanoke Colony?

    In 1585, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England tried to establish its first colony in North America. It was done under the commandment and aegis of Sir Walter Raleigh. This is generally termed as The Roanoke Colony.
    They made two colonies in North America, Newfoundland was the first one and the second one was Roanoke. The sellers intruded in 1587 but mysteriously disappeared in 1590. This was one of the earliest English attempts to make North America its colony, and later they succeeded in constructing 13 of them

    What were Joint-Stock Companies?

    The Joint-stock companies were the earliest forms of the modern corporation. England, as compared to Spain and Portugal, was poor and less developed. Therefore, it didn’t have enough wealth and resources to go for inquisition voyages. In that situation, Joint-stock companies were set up. The company would sell stock at a high price, and rich persons would purchase it.

    They would later divide the economic dividends in the end. Many people got very rich and powerful in this business. It not only made inquisition voyages possible but also saved public funds. East India Company in India and Virginia Company in North America were two important joint-stock companies.Interesting Facts about the USA

    What is the Doctrine of Predestination?

    The doctrine of predestination was a belief, especially followed by Protestants, that the destiny of human beings is already determined by God. It means the amount of good or bad the person will do, is already capped off. It would mean that human beings are sinful by birth.
    Another point that relates to the doctrine of predestination is that if God has already determined the fate of humans, only He can forgive it, and no priest or pope can do this. Therefore, they do not believe in the doctrine of absolution.

    What was the Virginia Company?

    The Virginia Company was a set of two companies that were given the right to explore and establish settlements on the shores of North America. It was founded in 1606 that helped England accrue socio-economic benefits in the wake of colonization. It was an effort to challenge the French adventurism in the New Land since this settlement would give England territorial claims.

    Why is Jamestown Important in Colonial History?

    Jamestown is one of the few remnants of the British colonization of North America. It is a place where there are ruins of the first British colony in Virginia. It is also a place where a small skirmish between Powhatan, the Native Indians, and the settlers, the English colonial masters, killed nearly 1200 settlers. This colony almost failed because the Virginia Company had done poor planning that lacked coordination.

    What was Tobacco Cultivation? Who Started It?

    John Rolfe, one of the colonial masters from Jamestown, was the person who started tobacco cultivation in Virginia. He had arrived in Virginia in 1612 with seeds of tobacco that he procured from Trinidad. It was harvested in 1612 for sale on the European market.

    Later, Maryland and North Carolina were some other important resorts for tobacco cultivation. It was a monumental decision as it led to a skyrocket in American exports, which is one of the interesting facts about the USA.Interesting Facts about the USA

    What was the Headright System?

    The Headright System was a formal decree of the colonial masters, notably Great Britain, in the United States that allowed the intruders to get land for them. It was created in Virginia in 1618. It helped Britain to expand its colonial rule to 13 colonies. Mostly the land granted to settlers was around 59 acres.

    What was the House of Burgesses?

    The House of Burgesses was the first democratic elected assembly of colonies in Virginia, the United States. It was the stepping stone for the formation of a democratic society-cum-system formed in the wake of the Revolution. Another notable point is that after the set-up of this assembly, other colonial states under British rule started demanding democratic assemblies for the respective colonies.

    What is the Importance of Maryland in Colonial History?

    Maryland, one of the states of the USA, is a fishing paradise. It is famously known as “America in Miniature” because this small state, with no more than 6 million inhabitants, has almost everything that the United States has. Catholics dominated, it was one of the colonies of England in North America.
    Even though it was a slave state, Maryland did not join Confederacy during the American Civil War, which is one of the interesting facts about the USA.

    What was the Indentured Servitude?

    Indentured Servitude was a decree that would allow people to take buy and sell slaves. They would be able to make them work indefinitely and that too, without pay. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that indentured servants had their “free will” sold and compromised. They were brought to the United States as a result of the Atlantic Ocean slave trade for cheap labour.
    Interesting Facts about the USA

    What was the “Seasoning Process” in Colonial History?

    The seasoning process or simply seasoning was the process of psychologically and physically torturing slaves to make them fit enough to survive in the new land. It was meant to sell slaves at higher prices. It is estimated that from 8% to 50% of slaves died during seasoning. It was also directed to make them survive viral diseases like malaria, smallpox, and measles.

    What were the Chesapeake Families in the USA?

    Chesapeake families also termed as Colonial families of Maryland were the wealthy and leading families in Virginia. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that they had vested interests in the colony of Virginia.

    Who were the Separatists in the US History?

    Separatists were Protestants who wanted to delink themselves from the Catholic Church in the 16th and 17th centuries. Oliver Cromwell was one of the influential separatists in England. Many of them were lynched after being declared as traitors, heretics, and rebels.

    What was the Mayflower Compact?

    Agreement Between the Settlers of New Plymouth, also known as the Mayflower Compact, was the first governing treaty for the colony of Plymouth signed in 1620. It was for the purpose of making fine-tuned just laws. It was signed on Mayflower ship by 41 people. That’s why it is called the Mayflower Compact.

    What was Plymouth in Colonial History

    Plymouth was the first colony in New Zealand, founded by Mayflower in 1620. The attempt to colonize Virginia was made possible through this place by Sir Walter Raleigh. Today, it is an important port city in England.

    Who were Puritans? Why They Came to the USA?

    In the 16th and 17th centuries, Puritans were a subcategory of Protestanism that believed that the Anglican church further needed reforms and that they were assigned by God to do this by setting an example. They were very strict in the application of religious injunctions.
    Therefore, they banned theater and other such activities. It was their belief that human beings are originally sinful, and God has the power to salvation. The Puritans came to the United States to practice religious freedom.Interesting Facts about the USA

    Who was John Winthrop?

    Originally a lawyer, John Winthrop was a leading person who helped establish the second most important colony in New Zealand, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Plymouth was the first English colony in New Zealand. He brought a large of colonial intruders there, later serving as the first governor.

    What was the Doctrine of the Covenant?

    It is a belief that when Jesus Christ is happy with a people, he sends his approval and recognition by sending a covenant.

    What was the Pequot War?

    Pequot War was a 2-years war fought between Pequot tribes in New Zealand from 1636 to 1638 and the colonial forces such as the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Saybrook. Pequot tribes were defeated in this insurgency.

    Who was Roger Williams in Colonial History?

    Born in 1603 (the year Queen Elizabeth passed away) in England, Roger Williams was a puritan theologian who laid the foundation of Providence Plantations. He was a firm believer in forming a pluralistic society based on religious freedom and equality. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that he favored the fair treatment of the Native Americans who were kept in abject poverty and misery. That’s why he is termed as one of the earliest abolitionists. He also supported the separation of church and state affairs.

    Who was Anne Hutchinson?

    Anne Hutchinson was a puritan leader in colonial Massachusetts. She is known for challenging the male chauvinistic mindset and patriarchal social patterns. That’s is, she is termed as one of the earliest feminists in the West.

    What was the English Civil War?

    The English Civil War, also called the Great Rebellion, was a set of civil wars fought from 1642 to 1651, between the status-quo Royalists and the revolutionary parliamentary supporters. In it, parliamentary forces outshone the Royalists. It was important in terms of the colonization of the Americas.

    What were the Restoration Colonies?

    The restoration colonies were the colonies given by Charles II of England as a reward for their all-out support for the Stuart Restoration in the late 17th century. It prompted migration from Europe to North America.building 48721 1280

    What were the Duke’s Laws?

    These were the laws set by the Duke of New York to successfully run the colony of New York in the late 17th century. It explained everything, from laws to arrest, to paying the bounty to the injured and killed.

    What is the Importance of Pennsylvania in Colonial History?

    Pennsylvania is one of the 50 states of the United States. It was founded by William Penn. What makes this state unique is that it is one of those states that founded the US.

    Who was William Penn in US History?

    He was the son of Sir William Penn, a notable admiral who founded the Province of Pennsylvania. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that his rule was democratic, which was an inspiration to frame the constitution of the United States.

    Who were the Quakers?

    Also known as friends, Quakers were Christians who believed in equality and fraternity. They believed there exists something of God in all human beings; hence everyone is respectful. This belief was similar to Sufi legends in India.

    Who were the Carolinas?

    The Carolinas are the two of the 50 states of the United States, South Carolina, and North Carolina. They are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the East. They are famous for their beautiful beaches. The total population is around 16 million.

    What was the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?

    In 1680, the oppressed and suppressed people of Pueblo rebelled against the colonial master, the Spanish colonizers in what today is New Mexico. The Pueblo Indians overthrew their government for 12 years. One of the interesting facts about the USA is that the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 was the first successful revolt of Native Americans against the colonial rule of Europe.

    What was Bacon’s Rebellion?

    Took place in 1676, Bacon’s Rebellion was a rebellion of Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon against the truculent governor of Virginia, William Berkeley.
    Interesting Facts about the USA

    What was the Atlantic Slave Trade?

    The Atlantic slave trade was the transportation of African slaves (across the Atlantic ocean), especially in the United States. They were brought in the wake of the agricultural and the Industrial Revolution, which increased the demand for workers (low-wage workers). According to Patrick Manning, more than 12 million slaves were transported across the Atlantic ocean, and nearly 1.5 of them died during this, which is one of the interesting facts about the USA.

    What was Mercantilism in Colonial History?

    In the context of the European colonization of North America, mercantilism refers to the idea that colonies existed for the benefit of the Mother Country. In other words, the British saw the American colonists as tenants who ‘paid rent’ by providing materials for Britain to use. Mercantilism sets gold as the standard as it has no trust in fiat currency or any other form.

    They try to exploit the gold or silver mines that the country has, and if nonexistent, they will purchase gold and silver, for that whatever it may take. Secondly, Mercantilism puts their economy first and foremost, which means it will bridge the gap between imports and exports. They believe the policy of free trade is extremely detrimental, especially to the developing or underdeveloped countries that suffer from this.

    Otherwise, the imports of the other countries will inundate the local market, and the local investors who deserve the most support will go from pillar to post. That’s why Mercantilism will apply (the much-needed protectionist) policy to keep a balance between the imports and the exports.

    What were the Navigation Acts and Triangular Trade?

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, England was a big colonial ruler. It did different navigation acts, directed to strengthen the British economy. The above-mentioned acts (signed in 1660) forced the colonies to use the Britain-built ships for trade and transportation.
    Moreover, it prohibited them from trading with other foreign countries. It was the forerunner of European Expansionism in the Americas.


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